A Spell from Brazil

How much magic can be buried in one chord? What is it with some music that simply paralyzes our bodies and souls? What does it take to create such sounds? I certainly don’t know the answer to these questions. At least not proper, rational answers. But one thing I do know: musicians who manage to […]

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INTERVIEW: Michalis Kontaxakis

Hello dear Zavodovskians! The Monks have been sailing the musical seas for quite a while now. Album reviews have been our main focus, but to reach those who really live music is something we ought to achieve. Hence, Monk Berkemeier went out the Island to meet, even if virtually, Michalis Kontaxakis, one of the best […]

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My Acoustic Funeral

Finding your very own funeral music is as much creepy as it is beautiful. Truth to be told, that was the exact first thought that flow into my mind when I first heard Barlande, by the superb duo Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus. La Blogothèque’s Take Away Show on them is a must see. Who […]

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After three solid albums, Ireland’s And So I Watch You From Afar’s new album HEIRS has finally been confirmed to be released on the 4th of May through Sargent House with a European Tour announced throughout May. Here’s the recently released album art: For those who aren’t already familiar with the band, And So I […]

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The Princess of Wassoulou

When you think about African music, many things may pop up. You may think of profound drums, vehement vocals, spirit-filling choirs and all sorts of unimaginable string instruments such as the ramkie, ngoni and oud. However, in all the wide range of harmonies that you encounter in the plains of Africa, we’re always expecting some […]

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