A Beginner’s Guide to the Island

Welcome to Zavodovski Island, a place born and bred by music and music only. Since it emerged, on January 19, 2015 (see welcoming post), our bloggers, a.k.a. Monks, have tried to enjoy and share music from all over the World and in every shape you can possibly imagine, it all depends on what the wide ocean provides. Well, at least that’s our goal.

Whether you are a pioneer on the Island or not, you will find the Monks’ legacy spread all over it: either through albums and artists reviews, or even interviews, predictions and all kind of stories, who knows what lies in the depths of this isolated volcanic rock..

Leaving the whole mystical thing a bit behind, this is essentially a blog about music. On our front page we present the latest reviews and opinions from our Monks. In many of these, you’ll find some highlighted words, these are nothing but links to certain tracks or other websites, depending on the current context. Some images may also work as links (to full albums, for example). We mainly use YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud.

By clicking the button link box at the top-right corner, a sidebar shows up with more info on the Island. You can discover a bit more about the Monks, search the Island or even follow us on both Facebook and WordPress. There’s also an organized list of links to our older posts.

Having said all this, it’s time to return to work and to our musical hunt.

Fair winds and following musical seas dear travelers!

The Monks



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