Burn your fire for no witness

Those who have followed the blog since its start know I’m a sucker for lo-fi, minimalist, voice-driven stuff. Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness is an impressive sophomore album by the St. Louis, Missouri songstress, after the less flashy and definitely less cohesive Half Way Home. It just has something else this time […]

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Jazz Impressions from Japan

Picture yourself drinking coffee at a small café right in front of Tokyo’s bay. Not only are you in Japan, but you also have some unusual company. Well, not any random, tedious company, in fact, why don’t we dream big? Imagine the Dave Brubeck Quartet playing right next to you, in all their glory and genius. That’s […]

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When psychedelia takes hold

There’s been a recent interest and resurgence in blues and psychedelic rock since the turn of the century through several revivalist acts that’re bringing that aspect back into modern rock music. Some of them come from unlikely places: Sonic Flower is a spin-off group of Church of Misery, a well-known Japanese doom metal band, where […]

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A Spell from Brazil

How much magic can be buried in one chord? What is it with some music that simply paralyzes our bodies and souls? What does it take to create such sounds? I certainly don’t know the answer to these questions. At least not proper, rational answers. But one thing I do know: musicians who manage to […]

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A stroke of the past

Revival of old genres and ways of music has been under the spotlight recently with recent forays into 60s psychedelia, 70s disco and funk, and so on, by several groups that have reached considerable fame or already had such a thing. But to be culturally encompassing is a thing that many artists really do not […]

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There’s a mean bone in my body…

The 90s saw a very big influx of great rock albums released, and is known as many as the golden age of alternative rock. Some of the names were very well-known and are  still household names in the scene, while other names went by largely unnoticed, including my favourite. Among these were Built to Spill, the […]

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You and Me

I first heard about the German pianist Nils Frahm when I was studying for some college exams. You started playing out of a random playlist on YouTube and it stunned me right away. The early notes didn’t tell me much, but, 30 seconds in, and two warm chords caught my full attention For a while, […]

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