News from Space

More good news hails from Ireland! After the new album announcement, made by post-rock band And So I Watch You From Afar, brother-in-arms post-rock band God is an Astronaut have made several exciting new announcements on their facebook page.

Firstly, they’ll be giving a whole new dimension to a brand new game in development, Second Dawn, which they were asked to compose the soundtrack for. From the picture posted on their facebookIMG_10083762000982 we can imagine space is the main theme… and if there’s one band who knows how to make you feel as if you are dwelling in space and the magnitude of the vast universe, it’s the band who made God an Astronaut. If you’re more interested than the usual bloke, you can sign up to a newsletter which will be available and check out the game’s website as well as the band’s.

IMG_10075384228982Even more exciting news from our Irishmen were announced more recently: the band has confirmed new dates for France and mentioned on the same post that they will be passing by Spain and Portugal, both left out from last year’s European Tour. This is particularly exciting news for portuguese fans, because they’ll also be roadtesting songs from their forthcoming eighth studio album!

Last album from 2013, Origins, had a different flavour from previous releases, probably due to the addition of new member, guitarist/keyboardist Jamie Dean. As we all know, new members can influence bands a lot, making or breaking them. Thankfully, Jamie was the best thing that happened to GiaA recently, bringing not only fresh ideas but also spicing up the live concerts with his fireball onstage persona. Origins even counted with lyrics, something completely new to the Astronaut’s repertoire.

Their new album, which still does not have a name nor cover art publicly released, is due to the end of 2015. Here’s to the Astronauts exploring a new galaxy of sounds!IMG_10211862296983

Monk Elle


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